Peter Crellin

Principle Designer

Shellan Doo

Our Story

Operating from a room in an old Manx cottage, Shellan Doo (meaning 'Black Bee' in Manx Gaelic) was created in September 2021 when principle designer, Peter Crellin, wanted to bring something fresh and exciting to the Isle of Man by establishing a new design and motions graphics.

Peter's aim was to combine his experience as a psychologist with his passion for graphic design to bring unique, meaningful forms of visual communication to his home island. Further still, he looked to work with businesses and other creatives on the island to bring a high standard of graphic design and motion graphics that could transform the island's approach to advertising and content creation.

Since officially receiving his Master's degree in Graphic Design from Falmouth University in January 2023, Peter -through Shellan Doo - has been moving ever closer to making his vision a reality. Shellan Doo continues to expand its on its list of talented contacts and to build its base of proud and pleased clients.

Our Values


We believe that expertise is invaluable and that constant professional development is the only way to deliver the strongest possible product.

Work at Shellan Doo stems from years of experience, professional qualifications, and continued involvement with conferences, training, and collaborations.

Meaningful Design

We believe that graphics should communicate in a meaningful way.

While many people can create content, fewer take the time to consider what they're communicating with that content.

All of our graphics are carefully considered in terms of human psychology and how it relates to the specific target audience our clients want to talk to.


We believe that perfection is the lowest acceptable standard.

Although it can take time to get things right, at Shellan Doo we think that designers should always be aiming to perfect a project's outcomes.

This may mean undertaking testing with target audiences to know that the product will work as intended. It may also mean tweaking and iterating through adaptations of a design until it does what it was intended to do.

Equal Opportunity

We believe that all people are equal, and that all deserve a better quality of life.

Much of the work we undertake is focused on helping the environment so that people everywhere can enjoy better living conditions.

We're also passionate about being part of projects that even the playing field, give opportunity where it may not have otherwise existed, and that elevate all people and cultures.


Sulby, Isle of Man

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